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Reprints Desk Enhances Single Article Service with Unmediated Workflow Components
Reprints Desk upgrades its document delivery service with tools that support an unmediated environment.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 6, 2008 -- Reprints Desk, Inc., a subsidiary of Derycz Scientific, Inc., continues to focus on making access to published content as easy and cost effective as possible. Reprints Desk's newly released Order Filtering feature, in combination with Open URL link-outs and single sign-on functionality, enables customers to make the most of the content resources they have already paid for or licensed, including online subscriptions and Copyright Clearance Center licenses.

In support of customer demand for a seamless unmediated document delivery workflow, the Order Filtering feature checks incoming document orders against customer holdings in order to "bounce-back" orders to internal sources for fulfillment when appropriate. Order Filtering can be combined with other components to create an end-user friendly workflow. For example, Open URL link-outs can be used to pass citation data and place orders with Reprints Desk. Single sign-on capabilities allow end-users to access the Reprints Desk order form and other website features without logging in with a specific username and password.

Scott Ahlberg, Reprints Desk's Head of Corporate Services, said, "A full unmediated workflow allows customers to track statistics on journal and article usage, by user or department, regardless of how the content is paid for. Our Order Filtering Service can be configured to work with a library's particular requirements for delivery and billing. For example, orders matching internal holdings can be "bounced" to the requestor or to a specified service administrator. We think it is important to recognize that corporate libraries function in a variety of environments, often across geographic lines, and a certain level of customization is important."

Order Filtering, Open URL link-outs, and single sign-on are among the features Reprints Desk supports in order to provide its customers with seamless unmediated access to content, recognizing institutional requirements and end-user preferences.

About Reprints Desk
Reprints Desk is an innovative new content re-purposing company focused on medical and scientific publishing. The company was formed in 2006 by content professionals with over 50 years of experience serving customers and publishers in healthcare. Reprints Desk offers reprints, ePrints, single article delivery, ePrint hosting, Digital Rights Management, and related data management solutions. For more information about Reprints Desk contact Scott Ahlberg, Reprints Desk 310-477-0395.